Where can I find Dreamak Application?
Dreamak application will soon be available on Google Play Store and App Store. Dreamak web application will also be launched in order to provide better user experience as the next phase.
Is Dreamak a usual eCommerce Application?
No, Dreamak is a hyper local merchant based online store that enables users to explore the products in a store and purchase online. With its interactive features, users can interact with merchant via chat/call and understand more about the product and features. By providing a virtual experience of a store nearby, creating a hassle free and convenient shopping experience to users in a city.
I do not have an account in Dreamak. Can I still purchase online?
Users can explore the merchants and products in the application without registration process. But, we urge the user to register during the checkout procedure. The information gathered during registration enables us to serve you on time. This is also to ensure the safety and security of both customers and service providers. All our offers will be exclusively available to registered users and hence we suggest you to register while downloading the application.
How does Dreamak ensure the credibility of products on the platform?
Dreamak has a stringent on-boarding procedure for merchants in a city and as per our contract user gets the same or more benefits as available in the store for products. At the same time, warranty and service promises will vary from brand to brand, Dreamak does not hold any responsibility for such product based deliverables.
How to escalate my concerns regarding the purchases?
You can raise your concerns/complaints through our platforms (website and mobile app) or email us at help@dreamak.in. We will respond to your queries/concerns/complaints within 24 hours via mail/call. For refund/cancellation related queries, read our ‘Cancellation/Refund Policy’.
What is the benefit of onboarding as a merchant on Dreamak Platform?
Dreamak enables the merchant to have an online store to reach out to existing users and potential users in a city which avoids the cost of setting up the IT infrastructure and operations cost of maintaining an online platform. This is especially beneficial to all SMEs and home-based merchants who aspires to have an online platform for product listing and sales. By creating an identity in the digital world, will bring an inflow of more users and revenue through online channel.
Is my personal information safe with Dreamak?
Yes. Your information is cmpletely secure with Dreamak. We do not share your personal information with third party and only selected members can access the customer information. For further details, read Dreamak ‘Privacy Policy’.
What are the payment options available on Dreamak?
Dreamak offers both online payments and cash on delivery/pickup option for users. User can pay online while purchasing the product or pay when the product is delivered at your location or picked up from merchant outlet.
What should I do if money gets debited from my account and transaction gets failed during purchase?
If the money gets deducted from the user account and the payment is not reflected in the application, payment will be reversed to your account with in 7 working days by the Payment Gateway. In case your account is debited and transaction failure happens at Dreamak’s side, payment status will be updated within 24 hours and same will be communicated to users via call/mail. If your payment status is not updated in the given time frame, please contact the bank for further enquiries, Dreamak does not take responsibility for technical issues at bank end and in such cases payments will be reflected in your bank account as per Bank's TAT.